David Maldonado, The Complete Cutman – More AXS TV time with XFC event on Friday night

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In what is now a regular column here at IntimidationMMA.com, David Maldonado, sports medicine expert, sports rehab specialist and MMA cutman tells us about his journeys across the USA working at MMA events. Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing, David has seen it all and looks to help educate fans and fighters alike. Maldonado has stayed busy throughout 2012 MMA\season of events upcoming across the Midwest and Southeast. David Maldonado, MMA CutmanAlso be sure to check out the ProFightingFans.com interview with David Maldonado, The Complete Cutman.

Last weekend was everything I hoped it would be. The Resurrection Fighting Alliance is a fantastic organization and I am honored to be a part of that group. Great things await them and successful fighters like James Krause, Mirsad Bectic, and Jared Downing proved that their have long futures in the MMA world.

The XFC is next on the list and this week AXS TV will bring their fantastic card with a title bout that will have fans on the edge of their seats. Nick Newell and Eric Reynolds will square off in an interesting match of talents and I am grateful to be able to be on hand to keep all the fighters healthy. Tune in or come to Nashville and watch the excitement first hand!

About David Maldonado, The Complete MMA Cutman
David Maldonado is a sports medicine expert, sports rehab specialist and MMA cutman who has worked events in eight Midwest states. With a doctorate degree in physical therapy, he combines his certifications as an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist to assist fighters and other athletes inside and outside the cage. His formal training and experience of over a decade have allowed him to work in the NFL and with multiple major universities across the country and he has appeared on HDNet/AxsTV multiple times in his cutman role.

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