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The Intimidation Hard Luck was a design that was first introduced in mid-2010 before finally coming to fruition in early 2011. Hard Luck MMA T-ShirtConceptually, the idea was to place a shamrock with skulls on a plain, one-color tee, and it was not until Intimidation had worked with a specific t-shirt manufacturer before the willow green Hard Luck with yellow printing finally became a reality.

The shirt hit the ground running at a variety of events in Intimidation’s record month of April at MMA fights in Altoona, PA and Akron and Cleveland, OH. It did not take long for Intimidation dealers to catch on as the styles became popular with wholesalers in April and May before the announced release of the reverse Hard Luck featuring a khaki, suede wash  shirt with green print. The new khaki Hard Luck, which will make it’s public debut on Saturday, June 4th at NAAFS Fight Night in the Flats 7 in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, was picked up on site by a new dealer less than an hour after picking the style up from the printer.

Fans can now pick up either Hard Luck style, in willow green of khaki, for $30 online at IntimidationClothing.com using the link below.

> Hard Luck – Green

> Hard Luck – Khaki

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