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One of the beautiful parts of the #LocalMMA community is the symmetry that is felt, from fighters to organizations to sponsors. A major part of that symmetry is the growing Local MMA media. MMA Madhouse - Support Local MMAWith multiple websites dedicated to covering different regions of the Local MMA scene, there’s one major player that is a bastion for regional MMA coverage.

Founded in 2007, MMAmadhouse.com was originally dedicated to covering the UFC and Zuffa events exclusively. But when Carl Mortensen purchased the site in 2009, he realized that in order to stand out, he’d have to develop a niche that would bring fans from all over the globe. Instead of trying to compete with hundreds of other sites covering the same UFC events, he instead decided to take a different path.

I immediately dropped all the Zuffa content and launched my dream to dedicate MMAmadhouse.com to supporting local MMA on a global level with no borders!,” Mortensen said. 

The initial days of the new MMAmadhouse saw the site covering mostly organizations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and Canada, where Mortensen is based. Cage Zombies RadioBut then he contacted combat sports super fan Skippy Cohen, who eventually became Mortensen’s vice president after he helped take the page to new levels.

I’d always thought that I was a hardcore MMA fan but Skippy’s knowledge was light years beyond mine,” Mortensen said. “In no time I decided to give him the title of Vice President and we began slowly picking up other #TeamMadHouse members from across the globe to where we now have a family of nearly 40 people.”

MMAmadhouse also has its own radio network, with multiple popular shows including MMAmadhouse LiVE, FULL GUARD FIGHT RADIO, Cage Zombies Radio, and more. The shows highlight some of the biggest names in local MMA from around the globe, giving yet another outlet for fans to hear budding stars.

Local MMA - IntimidationIt’s not an understatement to say that MMAmadhouse would be on the Mt. Rushmore of Local MMA, and that’s a testament to the hard work and dedication that the site’s owners and staff show on a daily basis.

Our goal has always been to support aspiring fighters, journalists and photographers,” Mortensen said. “To give them an opportunity to become accustomed with media or interviewing fighters etc. To hone their skills outside of the ring.”

MMAmadhouse is a hub for Local MMA, giving fans of the sport a one-stop shop to witness a different type of MMA coverage. In short, MMAmadhouse puts a regional product on a global stage.

When asked to describe MMAmadhouse in one sentence, Mortensen stated simply, “We’re a lifeline of exposure.”

Fans can also follow MMAmadhouse, “Carl the Madman“, and Skippy Cohen on Twitter.


By David McKinney
Intimidation Interactive Media Staff Writer

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