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So you want to be an MMA fighter, and you just won your debut fight. Congratulations. You’re an MMA fighter. But now, how can you continue to be successful? The following is my opinion about the three most important things to ensure your success.

Roxanne Modafferi MMA1) Get good. You need to win fights in order to climb the ladder in rankings. The more you win, the more you will be a prospect and sought after to face more difficult and high-profile fighters. You will find yourself in bigger and bigger promotions, and get paid more money. Therefore, you need to develop all aspects of your game – striking, submission grappling, take-downs and wrestling, etc.

2) Show something special in fighting. You hear the name “Crocop” and you may think “High kicks.” You hear “Royce Gracie” and you think “Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.” Rousimar Palhares got 10 of his 16 wins by heel hooks or ankle locks. Ronda Rousey = armbars. These fighters are very good at one move or one aspect of their game. We look forward to watching them fight, and see how their opponents can handle that. Will Roy Nelson KO his next opponent with his right hand? Will Ronda arm-bar her next opponent? It’s very marketable and piques the interest of fans.

Being well-rounded is great, but being known for some special strength adds something extra. I believe every fighter should be well rounded, but we all have tendencies to favor certain things. We all have a favorite move. Why not allow yourself to spend a little more time on it, and sharpen it like a weapon? Especially in this day and age when the number of pro fighters are increasing, this will help you stand out. The point is, you want fans to remember you.

3) Show something special personally. Fighters compete for one night. The rest of the time, they are busy training and trying to keep fans interested in them personally. The more a fan is interested in and can relate to a fighter somehow, the more they will want to see them fight. A fighter shouldn’t be afraid to show something of themselves to the public.

I am “The Happy Warrior” who is all over social media, always answers every fan mail, hosts an mIRC chat room, sells merchandise like T-shirts, books, fans, pictures, etc. Shayna Baszler is known for loving heavy metal, guns, pro wrestling, and has a following she lovingly named, “The Queen’s Army.” Now she’s a member of “The Four Horsewomen,” taken after a pro wrestling team, consisting of Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir. Felice Herrig likes to post sexy pictures of herself in various costumes and attire. Miesha Tate does as well, and is known for loving cupcakes and baking. The Diaz brothers have their tough-guy images and weed.

It is said that amateur sports is all about skill. Professional sports is about money and entertainment– butts in seats, eyes on TV. A professional fighter has to be conscious of this. You have your job inside and outside the ring/cage. If a fighter is getting paid, the cash is coming out of somebody’s wallet, namely, the fans.

I’ve done some research around social media sites to prove my point. I’ve noticed some high-level fighters who are champions of various organizations who have under 2,000 followers on Twitter. Really? I encourage fighters to get on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums (although you have to have thick skin for criticism), and don’t be afraid to talk about what you like to do. Nobody is ‘boring.’ Everybody has other things they like besides fighting. Promote yourself. UFC fighter Mike Pyle is passionate about fly fishing, and after he won his last fight, he said he couldn’t wait to take a break and go on a fishing trip. He even had a fishing TV program follow him and video him doing it.

It doesn’t even matter if everybody likes you or doesn’t like you – what matters is that they remember you. As Ronda Rousey said, “Hate me or love me, but please debate me.”

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By Roxanne Modafferi

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