Weekend Recap: Buffalo, Columbus, Indianapolis & more get a taste of Intimidation during busy weekend

The Intimidation Clothing brand continues to spread across the country, typically with multiple events in multiple states sponsored each weekend. This past weekend was no different, with 5 events sponsored across four different states, and with crews at three of the events. The culmination of sponsoring events across the Midwest and beyond, this weekend once again proved that Intimidation Clothing is indeed the biggest supporter of Local MMA in the industry.

Kyle Rozewski w/Luke JerniganIntimidation was live on hand at TNT Fight Series in Buffalo, and as the New York MMA community continues the fight to get the sport legalized in the state, organizations like TNT and owner Don Lilly are doing all they can to prove that it will be an asset to the economy. Team Intimidation fighter Kyle “Kyote” Rozewski (pictured, right w/Intimidation CEO Luke Jernigan) was on hand providing commentary for the event, and he called the action as sponsored amateur fighter David Whitman moved his record up to 2-2 with a stoppage victory.

Intimidation was also on hand at IT Fight Series 26 in Columbus, Ohio, with the organization’s debut in the capital city. The night saw a whirlwind of finishes and fans flocking to the Intimidation booth. The fights were fast and furious in the cage and the night ended as Reggie Parks – a fighter that Intimidation has worked with multiple times – took home a split decision victory in the entertaining main event.

reggie-parks02_400Intimidation’s Indiana crew was also busy, covering the Art of War 10 event in Indianapolis. One of the most consistent events in the state, Mad Wolf Promotions continues to put on shows that draw fans, who in turn flock to the Intimidation brand. Intimidation was also a sponsor for EFP’s Caged Madness 29 in Midvale, Ohio, and Hardrock MMA 65 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Looking ahead, Team Intimidation will be on hand at Coveted Fighting Championship 3 in Mentor, Ohio next weekend, and Team Intimidation fighters George Comer and Bryon McCroskey will also be in professional action on the card.

Intimidation Clothing is a fast-growing brand of MMA clothing & fight gear with a growing national presence and over 50 authorized dealers across the USA. Known as the biggest supporter of local MMA, the Intimidation brand is also regularly featured on multiple sporting events on SpikeTV, AXS TV, SportsTime Ohio, MTV2, FUEL TV, The Comcast Network, Comcast  SportsNet and EpixHD as well as MMA highlight shows on Spike TV, AXS TV and more. In addition to over 110 styles of high-quality, bold t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women and children and is also known for their premium-quality EliteFighter MMA board shorts. Anyone interested in becoming a dealer can apply to sell the Intimidation brand as a dealer and they can be found for sale online at IntimidationClothing.com. Fans can also follow the marketing wing of the Intimidation brand, Intimidation Interactive Media, @IntimidationIM, like Intimidation Clothing on Facebook or follow @IntimidationMMA on Twitter.

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